My amazing experience with TVZON

My amazing experience with TVZON

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“This was the best customer experience I have ever received.”

 I don’t usually go above and beyond to recommend a product or service to others. I think that in this day and age we all expect great customer service from the companies we choose to buy from.

With that being said, I can’t remember the last time where I was so pleasantly surprised at the level of support and care an agent showed in helping me set up my subscription.

I have been using IPTV for almost a year to this day. With IPTV I think we all understand that there sometimes can be lagging and buffering issues, its kind of the nature of the beast. But what really frustrated me with my other providers was the lack of support when it came to troubleshooting issues or if a channel was down for an extended period of time.

“I hate being ignored so I decided to make the switch

I heard on Reddit forums that there was a new Server in the market called TVZON, and after a quick google search I found After a quick email to their customer support team I was sure enough of the service that I purchase a 1 month subscription for my android box.

I am not the most tech savvy person and I was having trouble setting up the service. I knew I was doing something wrong but we couldn’t figure it out through email correspondence. I don’t think TVZON has a direct phone number you can call because I don’t see one posted on their site. I was still given a phone number to call the agent spend nearly 20 minutes on the phone with me to help me navigate the STB emulator app.

I was STILL unable to set up my service, but the agent showed so much patience that I was honestly surprised they didn’t just give up. He then suggested we jump on the computer and he’d share his screen with me to show me exactly what he was doing. Within minutes I quickly realized I was entering the URL incorrectly! Dummy!

In short, I am extremely happy with TVZON. Call me old fashion but these small things go along way for me. I’ve since recommended TVZON to my friends and I think we’ve all found an IPTV company that we can stick with.


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